Are you in a water sport business and tired of your companies cards getting saturated and destroyed? You can eliminate that situation entirely with plastic cards. Whether you’re running a marina, or operating a water sport company, you’re going to want a business card that will last while you are out on the water. With plastic cards you can count on giving your customers a quality business card that is not going to get water logged or torn to shreds with smeared images. Plastic Cardz will provide you with a custom card you can be proud to hand out, that is in perfect mint condition every single time! There is a new wave sweeping across the water sports industry called Flyboarding. Water proof cards allow Flyboarders to advertise with confidence even while being completely soaked. Can you imagine doing that with paper cards? Snowboarders, snowmobile companies, and ski instructors want a card that will also survive in the snow. Plastic Cardz can make sure you are covered in both situations. Our cards will stand up even in the most extreme elements. Even if you are not in a water based business, if your business cards are left in your customers pocket and go through the wash… no big deal! Jamaica Flyboard-3Contact Plastic Cardz to get your water proof cards today!