We produce the highest quality cards. All of our solid color cards have a gloss coating to make your cards look spectacular. We can add a variety of options that will meet your needs. Our standard card size is approximately the same size as a standard credit card (3 3/8″ x 2 1/8″)

We can produce all kinds of custom card sizes otherwise called die-cuts. Our thickness in cards range from 11 mil to 30 mil. We have options such as Magnetic Stripe in Hi-Co or Lo-Co, Encoding, Tipping in Gold or Silver, Thermal Printing, Scratch-Off, Bar Code, Writing Panel, Frosted Cards, Clear Cards, Color Cards, Foil Cards, and more.

Fulfillment options:

A printing expression referring to artwork that expands to the edge of the card.

Low Coercivity (LoCo) Magnetic Stripe:
Coercivity is the term used to designate how much energy is required to put information onto the magnetic stripe and therefore how immune the data is to damage from magnetic money clips and magnetic purse snaps. Lo-Co mag stripes are devised of iron oxide and are most frequently used in applications that do not need long term or substantial use, such as hotel key cards and retail gift cards. The Oersted rating for a Lo-Co mag stripe is 300 Oe.

High Coercivity (HiCo) Magnetic Stripe: 
Hi-Co stripes are virtually invulnerable to conventional magnets and so are used for your major credit cards and other applications needing a long life card. The Oersted rating for a Hi-Co mag stripe is 2750 Oe.

A means of electronically recording information on to magnetic stripes, bar codes or smart card chips. A blank magnetic stripe will need some information encoded onto it to work with any point of sale (POS) system. There are 3 tracks on a mag stripe that can be encoded. Track 1 will accept alpha-numeric data and various symbols with total of 76 characters. Track 2 will accept numeric data and various symbols; at a total of 37 characters. Track 3 will accept numbers and various symbols and has a limit of 104 characters. The information that will need to be encoded and which track to encode will be determined by your system requirements.

Bar Codes:
We are able to print virtually any type of bar code used in the business world.  Some of the most commonly used barcodes are 39 (also called 3 of 9), UPC-A, and 29. Bar codes can be encoded with human readable numbers and non human readable numbers. Human readable numbers mean that the numbers are printed outside, above or below the barcode. Non human readable numbers simply appear after the bar code has been scanned on your POS system.

Raised numbers or letters identical to a credit card. We recommend a maximum of 3 lines of text at a maximum of 19 characters per line (including spaces). We can foil tip embossed characters in black, gold or silver.

Thermal Printing: 
Flat printing of letters, numbers, or bar codes, available in virtually any font or size. Colors available are silver, gold, or black.

Scratch-Off Panel: 
We can apply a scratch-off panel via thermal printing or jet printing. This can be used to conceal names, pin numbers or any other codes for security purposes.

Signature Panel:
A signature panel can be applied to your card if your design requires your cards to be written on, such as signatures or any other data.

UV Coating: 
We apply a clear UV coating to each solid colored card we produce to create a very high gloss finish and will also offer added durability.

Matte Finish:
Matte finish can be applied to your cards if you’re looking for more a flat colored look. Cards with a matte finish are more scratch resistant but are not nearly as glossy as a card coated with UV coating.

Frosted Matte Finish:
Frosted finish cards are more of a flat colored card. They don’t have the glossy shine that a UV coated card has. They look more like a matte finished card but with slightly more shine. Frosted finish is applied to solid colored cards.

Die Cut Designs:
Die cut designs can come in many different shapes and sizes. We offer a catalog of our set die cut styles, but we can also do custom die cuts as well. Die cut cards can be used for items such as keytags, luggage tags, or even rolodex cards.

Clear and Frosted Cards:
Clear cards offer yet another excellent way to promote your business with unique style. You can create a design for your cards that contains small portions of the card to be clear or you can design your entire card to be clear with your artwork and print incorporated onto the card. Frosted cards are similar to clear cards in the way that they are transparent but not totally clear. Imagine an early winter morning with frost on your windows. This is the look you will get with a frosted card. If you decide to go with either a frosted or clear card you will be sure to impress current customers and potential customers alike.

Foil Stamping:
Foil stamping can be applied to your card after the printing process has been completed. We offer foil stamping in silver or gold. Foil stamping can be applied to most cards; however we cannot apply foil stamping to clear or frosted cards.

Metallic Colors:
A metallic card comes with a sparkly shimmer. We offer a wide variety of metallic colors to choose from.